Langenstein Farms Naturals – Medium Roast


The boldness of the process on this bean, allows us to take it just beyond our medium roast to bring out a little extra coffee flavor without the influence of carbon.



Looking for a Kona coffee made from a unique process? Kona Naturals is 100% Kona coffee that is made with a processing¬†method that results in a roasted coffee like no other. We know that the coffee cherry is very high in antioxidants (500 times that of blueberries), but it is usually discarded early in the process. Not with Kona Naturals! We keep the skin on the coffee beans through the drying process. This gives a slightly sweeter coffee, with more caffeine, and a coffee that is high in antioxidants. You’ll love the taste, the extra buzz and the potential health benefits of our new coffee. It is only available in a medium roast.

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